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Lindo Coplo

For Tail of the Pup, Manchester based artist David Mackintosh presents a publication based on a narrative sequence of ink and wash drawings entitled 'Lindo Coplo'. The publication is available to download from the site and also contains an afterword written by Martin Holman. The first few paragraphs are below...

The same world; the same moment of the world. David Mackintosh’s Lindo Coplo might be the book for our times. Those times are the days, weeks and months of the ‘coronacoaster’ year 2020. The year of staying home, staying safe and keeping a distance, when only mortgage payments could expect a holiday. Of washing hands, covering faces and chasing the sanitising gel. Happy birthday! Of being let out to eat out and help out, then directed back indoors to tame the second wave. It’s work-at-home, if work at all, then back-to-work, and rushing home, back from stolen moments in the Balearics to beat the quarantine deadline. These are times of national lockdown and tiered-up cities, of relaxations and restrictions, self-isolation and the R rate, of test and trace, and waiting for the vaccine.

Language has taken a hit. Furlough, elbow-bump, monoclonal antibodies, Dexamethosone: they have gone viral in the epidemiology of our socially-distanced dialogue. They get exchanged within limited support bubbles. Rule of six, anyone? The title of this book alone injects the muted reality of prevailing strangeness into its own parallel world – the same world as our world but shielded from the ‘C’ word. Our world where spontaneity, even touch, have been squeezed out of everyday relationships. This is life behind a Perspex screen where an outstretched palm means: ‘Woah, please. Stand back.’ How do you feel?

Temperatures are rising. ‘Laboured breath’ are words sky-written above a route into unnamed countryside. A change is as good as a rest, we used to say. So why not inhabit the Lindo Coplo world? It’s more of the same – but different. Add that phrase to the current verbal mix. By turning the pages of this book, the ‘syndrome known as Lindo Coplo’ will establish itself as speedily as Covid-19 fastened itself to the human species. At least Lindo Coplo lacks the lethal edge. We are all looking for the game-changer, the silver bullet to bring us back our lives. Lindo Coplo lets it out, barrelling past the shut-up shops and closed-down high streets.This bookmight soon appear on the self-assembly side-tables in doctors’ waiting rooms. Multiple copies will cling close together in the intimacy of clear plastic holders, there for the plucking, one at a time – or even as a brace if carelessly snatched by preying fingers...

David is an artist based in Manchester

David's blog is called 'Paper Trumpet', where he writes exclusively about drawing and its position and development within contemporary visual art:

'Examining and writing about specific drawings is my way of starting a conversation about the interpretation of drawings'.

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Martin Holman is a writer on contemporay art and culture based in London

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David Mackintosh