tail of the pup:
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This project explores my interest in acts of self care in relation to domestic space. 

The piece features a large spiral directing the viewer along photographs of files constructed for my shelves at home. These photographs are interwoven with anecdotal text on my actions and thoughts surrounding the work. The piece coils tighter and tighter into the contents of the files, finishing with the option to download the laser cut design. I wanted to use the ability of a website to share these for viewers to potentially use, an often common occurrence with products for laser cutting seen on maker platforms such as thingiverse.com. This in turn extended my creative act outwards as an offering for others  

References to snails are prevalent throughout, in the design of the files and the photographs as well as in the works spiral form. I am particularly interested in their ability to recoil into their shell to protect themselves, a direct example of an act of self-care

Jake Caleb is an artist based in London


storing receding hibernating





Jake Caleb