tail of the pup:
Dallas Chicken

When Plato was lecturing at the academy, a discussion arose as to the category and classification of man. Plato proposed that man should be classified as a featherless biped. Diogenes left the academy, went to the market and bought a chicken. He removed all its feathers and returning to the academy, dumped it on the table saying "Here is Plato's 'man'".

Doyle Dallas Chicken

Shaun Doyle lives and works in London and is currently studying for a PhD at the Royal College of Art exploring Cynic philosophy and protest in art. 

As a collaborative project with Mally Mallinson, he is the 2017-18 recipient of the Dover Prize, a two year bursary funding new works to be premiered in Darlington in 2018.



Shaun and Mally are represented by Paul Stolper, London






Shaun Doyle