tail of the pup:
Speaker's Corner

On the morning Tommy Robinson, former leader of the English Defence League, marched from Speaker's Corner to Twitter's Headquarters in the name of free speech, I also visited Hyde Park.

Seducing response-ability.

"which could at the same time be called an aesthetic of responsibility (or response-ability). Instead of the deceptively comforting duality of here and there, inside and outside, it can move the mutual implication of actors and spectators in the theatrical production of images into the centre and thus make visible the broken thread between personal experience and perception. Such an experience would be not only aesthetic but therein at the same time ethico-political" (pp. 185-86)

With a collage.

"Benjamin wanted to write a book made up entirely of quotations in order to purge all subjectivity and allow the self to be a vehicle for the expression of 'objective cultural tendencies' (similar to Barthes's project in A Lover's Discourse: Fragments)" (ULMER, 2002, P.110).

For posterity the atmosphere of the event was captured using an old mining method to detect gas underground. This involves the bottle being filled with water and taken to the location requested. When the bottle is emptied at the site the local atmosphere enters and is then sealed.

A photograph was taken to authenticate the capture.

Will Berrington is a playwright based in London.

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Will Berrington