tail of the pup:

I took these photos during a short residency in Berlin, staying at the Studio Lichtenberg last year. I made the object out of weatherproofed yellow gabardine and synthetic leather and it is based on the district of Lichtenberg's coat of arms. I then started exploring the district on my bike or on the S-Bahn, taking the "Lichtenberger sun" everywhere I went. I took these photographs of the object whenever I found an interesting place or situation.

I (literally) sewed the sun and it was a lot of fun walking around with the sun on my back.

Kathrin Rabenort is an artist based in Cologne, Germany.

Kathrin's project is also available as a PDF document. Download>


1: Malchower Lake

2: Lake Lazy & behind the Dong Xuang Center

3: Prison Cell Hohenschönhausen Memorial

4: Jumble Sale at Landsberger Allee

5: East Berlin Zoo

6: Former area of the nationally owned enterprise of the German Democratic Republic

7: The Dong Xuan Center





Kathrin Rabenort
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Rabenort 5
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